Ludo, who also goes by his middle name of Jacob,  lived with Marie-Anne in a little colourful Montreal apartment. They had just tied the knot.
Ludo was in the yellow kitchen when Marie-Anne called him from the red living room. They went together in the blue atelier to discuss something that would change everything.
 Since Ludo loved photography and didn’t stop talking about it ever since he came back from Europe, Marie-Anne thought Ludo should start his own wedding photography business. Marie-Anne went back to designing dance dresses. Ludo stepped outside in the dark alley and remembered something beautiful he had seen in Copenhagen. A black swan standing out among countless white swans. This is what he wanted his photography to become. Yes, that was before the movie.
Ludo Jacob Suissa is a passionate self-taught photographer. His love of architecture, music and cultures can be seen throughout his work. His background in technical drawings in the broader fields of architecture and urban planning has provided him tremendous discipline and care for detail. When he’s not playing or learning a new musical instrument, he’s following workshops and blogs about new lighting techniques. He’s a nerd in that sense.
From its inception, Black Swan Foto has always been about offering a new and fun experience. Effort is not negotiable. Being as passionate about producing outstanding imagery as Ludo is, effort also comes naturally.
Shooting countless weddings has been a blessing in meeting amazing couples and sharing so much fun with them on their very special day.
Black Swan Foto sees weddings as stories and every story is different in its own way.
Ludo loves reading the light. His passion is to write it.
It would be an honour to share this experience with you.
We are proud to announce that Black Swan Photo has ranked in the Top 20 in Canada for PWPC 2014!!! More info and images in the blog!

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