What’s your style?

We are documentary photographers. We unobtrusively capture candid moments as they happen, with minimal intervention, in a hands-off approach. But it doesn’t end there. Since a wedding happens in a setting, that you probably have planned for months, a lot of our work is environmental portraiture…  with an edge… and playing with your setting is a lot of fun for us! As much as candids are fun, telling your story would not be complete without a series of posed portraits, where we direct you and control the lighting to register your looks in the most flattering manner. We love adding an editorial fashion flavor to some of these portraits as well.

What gear do you use?

Rest assured, we use the best gear available to us and are always in touch with new technology and techniques. When needed, we carry a little studio with us, including high-powered strobes, umbrellas and wireless flashes. Our bag always includes a backup of every crucial piece of equipment. Light is the most important piece of gear for us. “Photo” “Graph” is about writing the light. And this is how we write your story.

Do you photograph details and family group photos?

Of course! Our coverage would not be complete without them. You can expect all the photographs you would get  from a traditional wedding photographer. We then exceed those expectations and give you images that will surprise you!

Do you offer albums?

Yes! We offer the best quality of digital albums out there! We take great pride in our custom layouts. We have a vast line of products, from huge albums to pocket books. The same applies to the finishing, with printed aluminum, acrylic or silk covers. In addition, the USB & prints boxes are  finished with a soft velvet. We do our best to offer and update a full line of flawless products.  Marie-Anne is the mastermind behind all our finishing products.

Can we access our finished photos online?

We offer an intuitive password protected gallery where you will have access to all your photos, in different resolutions, including in high resolution. Our personalized slideshows are also hosted online and available in HD quality, compatible with your iPhone and iPad… and that’s pretty cool when you can have your story  available to you at all times. 

Why hire a professional photographer?

Apart from the obvious reasons that come with experience, hiring a professional encompasses many aspects that are often overlooked. A streamlined workflow, insurance coverage including liability, data redundancy and backups, experience in editing and constant research are all part of putting all the chances for success on your side. You would’t want it any other way on your wedding day.

What do we need from you?

Two ingredients are key to create unforgettable photographs. Emotion and light. Give us emotions and we’ll take care of the rest! Do not hold back!

How do we hire you?

Easy! Shoot us an email with the details of your wedding or event. We will reply with available dates to meet to discuss your wedding day. We love meeting our clients in person and get to know them a little. After all, we will be following you all day on one of the most important day of your lives.